Replacement Conservatory Roofs Canterbury

Replacement Conservatory Roofs Canterbury

Here’s the good news; your conservatory can be a useable room all year round what was once strictly off limits for over 6 Months of the year has the possibility to become a fully functional extension of your living space.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs Canterbury are far more cost-effective than building a new house extension yet will have the same trans-formative effect on your quality of life.

Vastly Improved Energy Efficiency

Traditional glass or poly carbonate conservatory roofs are known for their poor retention of heat. With the latter being particularly susceptible to cracking and breaking.

The addition of a replacement conservatory roof will mean your roof is fully insulated this will in turn make your home more energy efficient and your heating bills lower.

Effective Insulation

We have two replacement conservatory roof replacement solutions available to our Canterbury, Whitstable, and Herne Bay customers.

Warm deck roof; meaning we will baton the roof out then insulate; finally, the ceiling will be plastered.

Cold deck flat roof; in this instance, the insulation will happen on the external layer of the roof by way of an insulating membrane; the inside of the roof will also be plastered to give a high-end look

Roof Styles For Replacement Conservatory Roofs

A Replacement Conservatory Roof in Canterbury

There are two options in terms or replacement roof coverings one being a  straightforward and seamless one-piece fibreglass roof the other is includes the addition of realistic fibreglass tiles.

In Keeping With Your Home

Numerous colours are available ensuring that your new replacement conservatory roof is in keeping with the current style and look of your home.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs Canterbury can be installed in all instances including pitched and lean to conservatory roofs.

Any original feature you wish to preserve can be easily incorporated into the new roof.

Quality Assured

All Replacement Conservatory Roofs installed in Canterbury, Whitstable, and Herne Bay installed by B.L Roofing & Sons are subject to a full 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

However, the general life expectancy of our replacement conservatory roofs is over 50 years.

To extend your year round living space and greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home at a fraction of the cost of an extension contact us today.

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