Fascia’s & Soffits Kent

Fascias and Soffits installed across Kent, your home is at risk without fully functioning fascia’s and soffits; this is due to the devastating effect of damp and general weathering on the rafters of your home. Without correctly fitted Soffits and Fascias moisture will find a way to penetrate into your roof space, this dampness can then cause serious problems for your wooden rafters namely wood rot or mould.

Fascias and soffits when correctly installed create a barrier against the elements, essentially protecting the roof rafters from any weathering and the subsequent undermining of your roof structure.For many years wood was the only material used in Fascias & Soffits which in itself is susceptible to the same issues with mould and rot.

Upvc is now the most widely used material due to the fact it is weather resistant and maintenance free,  B.L. Roofing and Sons have 15 years experience in the installation of Upvc products and are able to supply a variety of different styles and colours of Fascias and Soffits in Kent.

Gutter Installation

Gutter Problems? B.L Roofing & Sons have the solutions. All of the guttering systems we use;  including the all-important joins, seals and brackets are made from High-quality UPVC. Gutters in Kent are your homes first defence against the destructive effect of rainwater it is, therefore, essential they are fitted correctly.
B.L Roofing & Sons install a  range of high-quality UPVC gutter systems in a variety of shapes and colours B.L Roofing & Sons have 15 years’ experience in the installation of this essential product using the correct materials will ensure your new UPVC gutters in Kent lasts for many years to come.

Fascias & Soffits in Kent

UPVC Cladding installation

At B.L. Roofing & Sons we supply and install durable long lasting UPVC Cladding, many older homes in Kent and the surrounding areas still have their original wooden cladding as time goes on this wooden cladding will need replacing due to rot and weathering UPVC Cladding requires no costly up-keep and comes in a range of styles and colours UPVC cladding stays looking new does not rot and requires no regular painting.

We are based in Ashford Kent, this makes us ideally situated to install UPVC plastics in Maidstone, Canterbury, Maidstone, Dover, Folkestone and the Wider Kent area in General.

Why use BL Roofing & Sons

  • 15 Years Experience

    We have been installing UPVC Products for 15 Years

  • Skilled Staff

    A professional service from a local company

  • Choice

    A range of styles and colours available.

  • Quality Materials

    We have been installing UPVC Products for 15 Years

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    We will do our best to beat and genuine quote

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    A range of styles and colours available.