Flat Roofs Folkestone

Flat roofs in Folkestone

B.L. Roofing & Sons Install quality flat roofs in Folkestone and Hythe. If your flat roof is leaking it may be that a simple repair will solve the problem, over time the traditional felt flat roofing material can crack and perish if this happens it can be time for a new flat roof.

We have installed many flat roofs in Folkestone and are able to repair or replace your flat roof in a tidy and timely fashion, feel free to contact us to arrange a no obligation site visit this will allow us to asses the problem and recommend the best material for a replacement flat roof.

Flat roofs, helping you make the correct choice

The team at B.L. Roofing & Sons install three different types of flat roofing, each surface has it’s own benefits, rubber flat roofing comes with a 15 year manufacturers warranty fibreglass roofing comes complete with a 25 year manufacturers warranty.

Felt flat roofing is the traditional surface, although felt does not come with such a long warranty it does however still last for many years and is highly affordable.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for 10 years as standard.

Liquid Rubber Flat Roofs

Liquid appplied rubber flat roofing Folkestone

Liquid Applied rubber flat roofing is the latest in flat roof technology, this start of the art, reliable flat roofing system requires no bitumen or other material to bond or join the roof making you new flat roof seamless.

Water is unable to penetrate the joins and damage your new flat roof.

B.L. Roofing and sons are official Sealoflex® partners and are authorised to install the Enviroflex™ liquid roofing system which is considered the bench mark in liquid applied rubber flat roofing and comes with a 15 insurance backed Guarantee, fed up with flat roof leaks? This product is for you

The installation of your new liquid flat roof installation can typically be carried out in less than a day meaning minimum disruption and more importantly a leak free roof by nightfall.

Enviroflex™ is waterproof within 30 minutes from application and completely set within 4 hours.


Firstly a primer is applied directly to the existing roof surface to ensure an even application

A base layer of the Enviroflex™ liquid roofing system is applied directly to the primed flat roof surface using a brush or roller.

A layer of reinforcing fabric is the applied directly to the base layer this increases the durability of the flat roof,

The final coat of Enviroflex™ liquid rubber flat roofing system is then applied directly to the re-inforcing fabric the layers then bond together creating a  seamless and completely waterproof flat roof installation.

There are a number of applications in which Enviroflex™ Liquid Waterproofing System is typically used:

Enviroflex™ Rubber Flat roofing can be used for domestic or commercial roof projects.

  • Garage Roofs

  • Outbuildings

  • Bay Windows

  • Dormer Roofs

  • Terraces

  • Commercial Roofs

Fibreglass Flat Roofs Folkestone

Fibreglass flat roofs in kent

B.L. Roofing & Sons are official TuffStuff® partners, this strong and attractive flat roof covering is suitable for any flat roofing job from commercial buildings through to standard domestic flat roofs.

Again this surface has no joins which traditionally have been the reason that flat roofs leak, there is no way of water penetrating the roof and undermining its structure.

All fibreglass flat roofs installed by B.L. Roofing & Sons come with comprehensive 25-year warranty which provides our customer  with the peace of mind that our fibreglass flat roofs are manufactured and fitted to the highest possible standards.

The unique properties of the fibreglass resin used by B.L. Roofing & Sons ensure all flat roofs fitted by the team are strong, hardwearing and completely waterproof whatever the weather.

B.L Roofing & Sons are fanatical about the quality of fibreglass flat roof installation we provide. For perfect flat roofs get in touch today


The initial preparation stage is of the utmost importance. Every fibreglass roof installation is slightly different , the team will take into account the state of the roof prior to installation and the weather on the day.
Boards & Matting
The decking boards of the roof which are essentially your new flat roofs base need to be installed perfectly. Once the boards are laid B.L. Roofing and sons will begin the application of the TuffStuff® matting and bandage.
Edges & Trims
The use of the correct edges makes the fibreglass fat roof installation run smoothly, and also ensures the best possible finish for our customer
Resin Application
The final stage is all about concentration and attention to detail the efficient application of the  TuffStuff® Resin guarantees a great look and 100% watertight finish

GRP Fibreglass flat roofs the benefits:

  • Seamless Surface

  • Strong & Durable

  • 25 Year Guarantee

  • Long Life Expectancy

  • Can Be Walked On

  • Several Colours